Ring Finders is moving...

Ring Finders is moving...

Hi, just to inform you that starting Feb.17th/2009 ringfinders is moving to… http://metaldetectorrental.ca/ There you will see these posts and more…
Thank you!
Chris Turner 

Over the past 14 years I’ve helped other treasure hunters from around the world start up their own Finders service. This service is one that could be used everywhere!

The link below is about a professional treasure hunter (Billy Sherman) from Western Australia who has started a service much like mine.

I’ve been helping him out with the format for his company and I’m happy to say I now have a  friend in Australia, who I can call on when someone needs help out there…

I’m sure he’ll be extremely successful as they have great summers and lots of people on those beautiful beaches.

Billy Sherman

Billy Sherman

I hope one day we can meet and talk about our adventures… Much success to you Billy look forward to seeing your ”Book of Smiles” get bigger!

Make sure to visit Billy Sherman’s blog on the link below…

Western Australian Lost Jewellery Recovery service